Arthur Dent is just a common human living in England, on Earth. Mostly he has an ordinary two story house which was destroyed to make way for some bypass or something I don't know. Mostly the most notable event in his life happened when his house was demolished to make way for some overpass or something I don't know. He stupidly tried to prevent the demolition of his house by laying near a bulldozer, but failed after his friend took him away to get wasted or something. Mostly his friend is a black/white person of some kind who has a fascination with cars and is even named as a car.

Mostly nobody knows why anyone would even hang out with this person or why his life is of meaning and or purpose, he even lost a girl at a dance party for gods sake, to some other oddly dressed person, which for your information totally banged her the next day. I'm thinking why he even deserves an entry in the guide, you know. He's just an ordinary human being, nothing more, nothing less. He didn't even do anything of mention, he didn't make any music, he didn't act, he didn't even try to defy the laws of science and nature, he just stood there and did what he ordinarily did. Which was reading the paper, drinking tea and living an irreverent life to which in this point serves no purpose.