Barack Hussein Obama is a person of Muslim descent and is the current president of the United States of America, Earth Sol 3. With no legitimate claim to being a legal American citizen he simply made a presidential law making himself legal no matter what which in its self is illegal. Mostly he is known for his controversial campaign in which he insures hope and wellness for the world, as well as a new America for the rest of America, then completely waffling on every point once he gained office, which interestingly enough has been the premise of every major political figure since the dawn of Earths short existence. Similary Attila the Hun ran on a campaign of hope and change for the Hun peoples which later resulted in the slaughter of most of Europe. Likewise Obama has been lamented for being just as evil, while in actuality he is , but he does have very charming persona leading his cult of followers to question absolutley nothing he does even if that includes taxing the hell out of said cult. He has destroyed Iraq from the ground up as well as threatened many countries into giving up to Barack Obama therefore fulfilling his promise for worldwide hope. Or at least that's what the people at the "New Yorker" tells us. Anyways, mostly everyone hopes that Barack Obama will be a promising and America freeing president . After all, that's what's he's been hyping. Hope, Unity and Freedom. This guide recommends that you stay clear of America or at least until the background radiation from the fallout of Americas enemies clears in a few thousand years. I don't know what the outcome will be, I'm not a magical ball that can predict the future. Go consult a physic for that kind of stuff.