A car is a very common transportation device used to carry hitchhikers around. Cars can come in a variety of different types, they come in the sports variety, they come in the sedan variety, they come in the truck variety, they come in every variety you could imagine. As you already realized and thought out in your head, this device can be used to carry hitchhikers around. All by doing the sacred hitchhikers symbol which every hitchhiker should know. They can take you anywhere that the driver can take you, they can take you to a city, they can take you to a forest, they can even take you to the desert, just don't underestimate the driver okay? Every driver is different and may or may not pick up hitchhikers, but once you finally hitch a ride, the experience is amazing! You'll be able to go anywhere you desire, and trust me, I've hitched a few rides and went to many places in an experience I'll never forget. Your experience may vary, due to the driver. But trust me, cars are the most amazing invention ever, even better then the wheel. Which would of been needed to power the car but anyways, Cars are the best thing in the world. Period.