Death valley writ large

You see that road? You'd be lucky enough just to survive for a few hours.

Death Valley is literally a valley of death. Hitchhikers, take note that this is an extremely dangerous place, as you will see dozens and dozens of dry desert, literally stretching out for miles. Also note that if you see water, do not drink it. It is like poison to you, and if you drink it then you will die. Mostly trying to traverse or even escape the desert is impossible, as you will experience extremely hot weather like the ones you find on the sun. You will also experience deceptions or things called mirages, which will trick you into thinking that it's real. The guide advises you (even though you won't listen to it at all) not to fall for these mirages, as most of them will lead to your doom and then it's game over for you bud. We advice you to pack only the necessary things, a canteen, a tent, some sort of food and also an umbrella, cause you will need that umbrella for... something. Now you might be thinking, why can't you just hitch a ride to travel over Death Valley? and it's simple. Mostly because you're ride will die while riding through Death Valley, even if you're lucky, you'll never make it across. For those of you willing to cross Death Valley, good luck I suppose.