Florida space site

Kinda looks like someone's penis.

Florida is the "golden state" but it is actually known as a tourist trap due to the way it's designed. Mostly it is home to a lot of things, it is home to gators, it is home to vast beaches, it is home to parks, it is home to anything a tourist would possibly need. Hitchhikers, please note that once you enter the state, you will be labeled as a tourist for all eternity (But only in the state of Florida) and mostly you will not be able to escape, mostly because you won't want to. What with all of what Florida has to offer and you'll want to experience Florida over and over and over and over again until you die of natural causes. Mostly you'll be stuck inside USA's penis cause it kinda looks like a penis. If you are planning on escaping, resist any urge of these tourism traps and you might be able to escape, there might be a slight chance of escape, but it's just slight. And if you ever find yourself trapped in Florida then... Enjoy it, while you last.

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