Oh look. Sickens me so much I will now eject my spit duct.

What in the name of fuck were they thinking when they thought up Friends? That god damned TV show that "everyone likes." All it is, is a bunch of people that obviously all want to copulate but they feel they cant because its not socially acceptable! Well excuse me! And how could this shit ran for 10 seasons? I mean they should of scrapped the idea and killed the guys who thought of it.

That stinking theme tuneEdit

What a load of crap its just a Pearson on a banjo going dun dulla dun doo der doo doo and then he goes on a rant about being friendly and being nice to people and cheering you up when you're down. I just don't get how people like that song, what a load of bullshit! You know what, I'm going to stop mentioning Friends, forever. Go search for something else that's not Friends traveler, I've had it up to here with "Friends"!

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