Looks exactly like a monkey.

George W. Bush is some sort of Monkey/Human hybrid that came from another planet with his father. The origin of the planet is unknown, how am I supposed to tell you what planet George W. Bush is from? I'm just a guide for earth, not for the galaxy. Sheesh! Where was I? Oh yeah! He has been the president of the United States of America for almost 8 years, who only took the job only to impress his father, who to this day is still not impressed by his sons antics and management of the United States of America. Over the course of his presidency, he destroyed Iraq, introduced communism to America, drained every penny from every American and also prevented and exterminated every Foreigner from even entering America, did I also mention that he's got us under every surveillance method known to man? Mostly everyone hates George W. Bush and his crazy antics, and blame him for destroying America. Mostly everyone wants him dead and or maimed. Well one things for sure, the new president better not suck as much as George W. Bush.


Many people think George W or "dubya" as he likes to be called, is a complete bastard and should be shot in the head, corpse fed into a mince maker, the mince pieces chopped up individually into smaller mince pieces, burnt, enveloped and sent to the west indies, burnt again, put on a large bulls eye and nuked.

Who elected him anyway? Most likely a old republican waving the American flag.


The war on terror will continue

~ Bush in 2004

The war on terror will continue

~ Bush in 2005

The war on terror will continue

~ Bush in 2006

The war on terror will continue

~ Bush in 2007

We've won! Yey!

~ Bush in 2008