Hitler has overshadowed all of humanity's greatest achievements. Even if we build a giant blow up ball of jelly fun, Hitler would still overshadow it. I'm being serious he was an asshole. But still we can now get Hitler on mugs and t-shirts with a speech bubble saying "hail to me" or something. Pathetic. What have we become?

Hitler was a bastard who went around killing people who he thought were unpure, a.k.a. people without blonde hair and blue eyes that were tall. His 'minions/followers' must have been dopes because he was short, had brown hair, and brown eyes.

Hitler was a jerk; a short, little jerk with a silly little mustache. Often regarded as one of the most evil men of the modern era, he turned out to be an even worse military leader than he was a painter. After dying an ignoble death by suicide, they built a parking lot over his secret bunker.