Humans are the dominant beings of the planet we call Earth. Mostly they think they're the most intelligent, what with them inventing all the stuff they could possibly invent, and stuff. When in actuality they are the 3rd intelligent species on Earth, how could they be the third most intelligent people around? How can they be beaten by Dolphins, the 2nd most intelligent beings on Earth, and Mice? Mice?!?!?, they're the most intelligent beings on Earth? We've been experimenting on them, and we've actually touched and killed them. How can they be more intelligent then us? Well it's just a typo, cause mostly humans are the most intelligent beings on Earth. They've traveled to the moon, they've build the cities you see today, they've even invented most of the things that are available today. How can you say that they're third intelligent? We're the most intelligent beings, on Earth and beyond Earth!