Internet map 1024

It's sticky.

The internet is like this really big thing that consists entirely of millions, billions, trillions of little web sites all tangled on the web. The internet is considered it's own separate world, sure it might be based on Earth, but trust me, it's designated a separate world. Mostly because you can find all sorts of things on the internet. Things like thousands of sources of truthful information where you can learn stuff from, a newspaper where you can find the news, the truth everything that you needed to know about everything, everything about yourself, everything about the future, a virtual online world. Mostly since the internet contains basically everything that can be contained on the internet, it can actually become your life. The internet has slowly been replacing everything. It's been replacing television, it's been replacing music, basically it's replacing your entire life. The adoption of the internet has been widespread, resulting in many people living a second life on the internet. Basically in the future, everything we do will be on the internet. That's sad because I depend on the purchases of copies from people like you, I would be shocked if the internet forced me out of business.

The invention of the internet mearly a mile stone shows that the human race is millions, billions, trillions of years behind leading civilisations and are a bunch of saviges (proved by the fact you can still remember what a milestone was for).

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