A typical Jeremy Clarkson pose, for he never listens to anybody else's opinions.

Jeremy Clarkson is a motoring "journalist" and "television presenter". A typical Yorkshireman, he ranks just above Bernard Manning in the "I'm a northerner so I can call everyone a moron" stakes.

He has presented numerous television shows, including Top Gear, Have I Got News For You, Motorworld and Clarkson's car years. The latter title is a reference to how old Clarkson actually is: despite the fact 50 is middle aged in human years, in fact thinks he is a car, making him long past retirement age in "car years". He likes to claim a pension because of this.

Claim to inFameEdit

He is most famous for his two catchphrase, usually heard on Top Gear as he testdrives new cars:

  • - "MORE POWER!!!"
  • - "In the world..."

The latter is usually at the end of a sentence describing something's amazingness. Example:

  • - "I am so riduculously famous, because I have the biggest ears [pause] in the world..."