Kansas prairie

Ahh Kansas. Isn't it beautiful?

The state of Kansas is a glorious and wonderful place. Where everyone lives in peace and prosperity, where the apples are red and the independent are free and where we all live in our own happy world. We believe everyone here should live a perfect life, we believe that no-one should be exposed to the dangers of the truth, the truth such as evolution, birth and everything scientific. We believe that everyone will want to move to Kansas and we believe that everyone should be safe from the entire dangers of the world, we force everyone to be happy and you'll fit in with that crowd of those happy people. You'll have everything, people to make friends with, jobs to take, and beauty to take in. Kansas is fucking lying, just look at them! They lied about evolution, they lied about science, they lied about everything! What are they going to lie about. How great Kansas is, oh please! Sorry, technical malfunction. Anyways, Kansas is a wonderful place to live in, we got everything that a normal citizen dreaming of the American dream could ever want, we're the best state undoubtedly and we hope you give us a stay, we also hope you live there forever.

This message payed for by the Kansas Board of Education.