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  Featured article - Global warming

Global warming is a concept thought up by the government to make you wet your pants in fear and give much more money to the government then needed. Thought up by Al Gore and a bunch of people, it is the greatest scientific ploy in the history of the entire earth. Much more fraudulent then the fact that the sun would really die or that aliens did 9/11, that is so absurd, and just because there is proof doesn't mean it's real. I have not seen this proof and nobody will ever see them. Their really, really basic reasoning behind this is...

  The last featured article - The Terminator

The Terminator is a butt kicking robot disquised as Arnold Schwarzenegger. He can withstand many types of ammuntion and some bombs. At first he was sent to terminate people. He was from some distant future where there is a lot of killing machine cyborgs.

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Man this guy is invincible, literaly I can't seem to kill him. Maybe he's been drinking a lot of Mountain Dew or something, maybe he's learned a lot from that boob tube. I know, I'll get Chuck Norris to... Oh right, he's not here at the moment... Oh no! Ragglefraggleking, please don't kill me!!! I bring cookies and cake!!!

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