Full moon 02 2000

The moon (or some approximation) as it appears today.

The moon is some sort of white ball that's orbiting the Earth every consecutive day on every consecutive year. No one knows it's real purpose or why it even exists anyway. Some say it's to cover up that big thing called the sun, which from what I heard is really, really hot. Some assume that it's purpose is to protect us from asteroids and other stuff that might harm the earth, like that'll ever happen. Since nothing has ever harmed the earth, ever. Well except for a few certain "incidents" but I think that it's all just past memory. No one ever really recalls what have attacked the earth, well except for the constant earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes and general disasters that constantly threaten the earth.

Mostly the surface of the moon. It's a known fact that nobody has ever been on the moon. Sure you might of heard that NASA arrived on the Moon first. But the truth was that it was staged in order to give the illusion that they went to the moon, but in reality, they didn't go. Mostly because nothing is to be found on the moon, mostly all that you'll see is a rocky surface, craters and mostly space itself. Some have theorized to be life there, but those people are lunatics as mostly every lifeform that has ever tried to live on the moon have either given up or died trying to find a way to make the moon livable. No one knows why the moon still stands up in the sky, and we may never know it's purpose.