Nature is a thing of the Earth that consists of various trees, rocks, oceans, mountains and many, many more stuff that we can't describe. Some say that nature is a valuable thing, but most of those people are hippies that constantly roam the forest promoting... peace and stuff I don't know what they promote it's all just one big mystery to me. Mostly there are rumored to be some mystical creatures in nature, creatures such as bees, bugs, birds, bears, bigfoot oh my! Okay there are many more but I can't be bothered to put it into insufficient data. Nature is good when you are looking at it stoned and blind but I just think that nature is insufficient, even though it provides Earth with most of the life needed, like Oxygen, Wood and Water. But it's just sitting there doing nothing. I'm wondering what purpose does nature even have on Earth. We don't know but... It needs to do something right?