Orlando, doesn't it look like a trap to you?

Orlando is a city located within Florida. And because it is located within Florida, it is packed with a lot of attractions that you hitchhiker's will never get your eyes off of. Things that you can find in Orlando is the World of Disney, the "Sea World" or just about any would that could ever exist. Mostly if you're thinking of visiting Orlando, make sure to pack a few things. A map to find your way, some form of transportation and your own life, mostly because you will never be able to escape Orlando alive. I mean you can but you won't be able to with the vast things that are attracting you to Orlando, such as the things I mentioned above. A fun fact is that many people who go to Orlando, never come out. They mostly buy houses around the area and spend all of their time taking in the sights. (and by that I mean visiting the parks constantly). If you find yourself wanting to get out of Orlando, try with all you might but you might not escape... There is a slim chance that you can escape though.