Eiffel Tower close up

This is the view of Paris from an Italian restaurant, roughly 1 hours' drive away from the Eiffel Tower.

Paris is a difficult place for hitchhikers. It is advised you do NOT go there, under any circumstance, without first being prepared to pay 7 to 10 Euros for a pint of beer. The suburbs are nice enough, although chances are even the footballs kicked about by children at 2am are bred for pure evil.

It has what appears to be a giant mobile phone mast called "The Eiffel Tower" (Eiffel, presumably, being a mobile phone company) which dominates the skyline, apparently pumping out waves of radiation. For this reason, if you are any species other than koi carp or cockroach it is a desolate, inhospitable place.

The food's good, though.