The penguin, ah an animal that lives somewhere on the planet, in a very cold environment, i can tell you that. But seemingly, no-one has actually ever found one, so it is possibly just a mythical creature of a figment of your imagination. But don't tell anyone i said that, or two certain penguins will come chasing after me with miniguns and stuff. Sorry, i must go now before i get sho....ARGH!


Penguins live in cold environments, you know places with ice, and snow and where kids dance around. Ya, places like that. no, they do not live in the same habitat as the guinpen, so please don't ask such irrelevant questions.


Penguins eat guinpens, guinpens eat penguins, so they're both probably extinct. Yes, extinct i say.


When annoyed or disturbed, the penguin will resort to mindless violence often going to his or her secret base full of weapons stolen by scientists, and attempt to shoot their target. Most of the time, they hit the target. If they miss, they drop the rocket launcher they are carrying, reach for the nearest sharp weapon and chase the target until it has been stabbed to death.

Ooh, violent, yes.

The Takeover TheoryEdit

Prnguins are obviously some alien race that is monitoring us from their frozen habitat in Cleveland Antarctica. Why else would they live in a place so cold? This is also examplified by the fact that they will win if you put all the animals in Zoo Tycoon 2 in one cage. FEAR THE PENGUINS!

Additional FactsEdit

  • They are evil.
  • They live in cold environments.
  • They do not like pie, and will kill all who do.