Standing in it's proud gay glory.

San Fransisco is a city in California that consists entirely of gay people, mostly every person in San Fransisco is gay, well except for the tiny 10% but that's a small minority of non-gay people but they will be turned into gay people eventually. Mostly the city is considered to be the central holding point of every gay person that has ever existed in a lifetime, because of it's gay architecture and all. Surprising the city is not guarded at all so mostly, theoretically speaking. Any gay could exit the city at will, but they do not because it contains everything a gay person would need. The Golden Gate Bridge, Rainbows, Hilly Landscape, Buildings with wacky designs, 3-story houses, basically everything a gay guy needs to survive in the world. The city is basically safe from everything the world has to throw at it, like pollution, meteors, and possibly giant monsters. But the day the city is finally destroyed, it'll be a surprising sight for all. Because that city will be destroyed from something out of nowhere, something unexpected, something no one can ever predict until the last second when nobody an actually do anything about it. You know, exactly like that?