Science, it's obviously the thing that proves everything you see around. It proves why planets exists, it proves why the hell is there some sort of force pulling us down, it proves that everything is made up out of tiny particles, it proves everything that can be scientifically be proven. But I have doubts about this science. Does it prove evolution is a purely scientific process, does it prove how god existed, does it prove how the universe was created. Call me crazy but I prefer Kansas' theory of evolution. Which is that god created us the way we are and that we just appear on the earth. That seems less confusing then the actual version that is shown, which is very, very confusing to me. What I'm trying to understand is that there are apes and then they suddenly transformed into monkeys. Then there's how the universe was created, *poof*, it's suddenly there. Basically science is purely hard for me to understand, what the hell is H20 anyway? Kansas' version of science, way easier then this trifle.