Alright Hitchhikers, here's something you need to know. The Truth! Apparently truth is when you reveal something that you've done but hid it until the very last second or moment. Mostly revealing the truth can be good, as it apparently relieves a lot of stress and paranoia that you've built inside your humble little mind, I don't know why revealing the truth is so good, but if they say so then... Whatever. Many shows tell the importance of telling the truth, shows that air at 7:00 AM and are aimed at those little people called children. These shows stress the importance of telling the truth, even to the length of a full episode. With such memorable quotes such as "Telling the truth can be good." and "I'm sorry for not telling you the truth.", who wouldn't want to tell the truth.

Unfortunately, everyone seems to lie nowadays. Yes, even those shows I mentioned above stress the importance of telling the truth, it seems like everyone disregards those lessons as "Nothing important for children" and that "Children are likely to forget it anyway". Mostly the president has even taken up lieing himself, using his presidential charm in order to keep his lies a secret. Mostly the president and every corrupt CEO that has ever existed has kept every lie a secret and converted it into the truth. Mostly everyone who protests are ignored, possibly killed. There has even been people trying to figure out the truth, but only to be thwarted by George W. Bush every time due to him listening to everything, I wouldn't want to be reprogrammed by the government, makes me shrug. Tell the truth people.