I JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND! If you were to make a really healthy food, wouldn't you try to make it tasty so people will eat it? And guess what: Sugar, possibly the most delicious thing on the this pathetic, dismal world, is unhealthy! Is this some kind of conspiracy? I think so. Let's pick out some vegetables.

Artichoke Edit

They are spiky! Who's idea was that? Not only make it taste bad, but make it downright painful! It's almost as bad as the puffer fish fruit.

Spiky fruit

now that's just evil. Fruits normally taste okay, but now you need to suffer to get the good taste.


Well this one looks cool. You think "OO I want to eat the mini puff tree". Wrong. This is an acquired taste. It is only for about a 9th of the world. No one else likes it.


The best tasting vegetable in my opinion. But only because it tastes like nothing. Enough said.