A well known shot of the "wheel".

The wheel is the most known invention created by mankind. Mostly because it was round, it rolled and was able to travel long distances. Like it was able to travel long distances, I couldn't see that thing roll up a mountain, never-the-less travel something somewhere. Most wheels come in the form of a circle-like shape and have a hole in the middle. Sometimes these tires are made out of rubber and can roll on the ground, Okay I don't know how many types of wheels there are, but there sure are a lot. So much so that I can't seem to describe it in one go. Mostly to say, it's round, it's big and it can roll. Be wary when encountering a tire, they have been known to roll sometimes, and if you are in the direct path of the tire, make sure you get out of it's way as soon as possible, or you could get killed. Either way, it's your choice if you choose to encounter a tire, but if you do then get out it's way as soon as you can.