What's a 'Wikipedia?'
~Mr. Noob on Wikipedia
Wikipedia is a large opensource site created by earthlings to be easily accessible knowledge. The word "Wikipedia" comes from the English words wiki and encyclopedia. Wikipedia was created sometime in the 2001st revolution of earth around the sun after a religious figure named "Jesus" was born. People use Wikipedia for reports and other essays and asssignments, but because anyone can editi it, it got real messy, real fast.

On "the free content encyclopedia," you can't say bad words or create false information without being banned. This makes it really crappy. Some of its many articles have been found to be very incorrect. These are mostly the smaller articles that nobody cares to give a damn about.

Wikipedia claims to have a nonbiased or neutral viewpoint policy, although this is frequently broken by noobs that get their kicks by starting flame wars. Wikipedia also wants to be complete, even though it has at least 255 stubs and even more undeclared ones.

Wikipedia can be edited by everyone, not just military dicators, thus, it sucks.