The Wikkit Gate is a universal symbol among the diverse cultures of the Galaxy of the basic ideals of civilization. The Galactic Government therefore chose to model the key that could unlock the envelope of Slo-Time surrounding planet Krikkit after a Wikkit Gate. The gate was destroyed, then the various parts re-animated as different objects around the universe. It is composed of:

  • A Steel Pillar of Strength and Power (Marvin the Paranoid Android's leg, but only after it had been replaced by a scrap metal merchant)
  • A Wooden Pillar of Nature and Spirituality (the reconstituted ashes of the cricket stump that was burnt in Melbourne, Australia to signify 'the death of English cricket')
  • A Perspex (Plexiglas) Pillar of Science and Reason (Argabuthon Sceptre of Justice)
  • A Golden Bail of Prosperity (The Heart of Gold's heart of gold – the Improbability Drive that powers the starship)
  • A Silver Bail of Peace (the Rory Award For The Most Gratuitous Use Of The Word "Fuck" In A Serious Screenplay)

The sport of cricket as played on Earth is a tasteless reminder of the Krikkit Wars, and the cricket wicket is a highly distorted racial memory of the Wikkit Gate. The "bit where the little red ball hits the stumps" is particularly offensive.